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A money transfer starts long before customers walk into a Ria location. It starts with immigrants crossing continents to live, work, and build better lives for loved ones. So when customers walk into a Ria location, it is like going home. With Ria's 100% satisfaction guarantee, customers can relax and have peace of mind in knowing that their hard earned money will get back home safely where it matters.


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Frequently asked questions

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How can my recipient get my money transfer?

Where is the nearest Ria location to my receiver?

Why is my recipient unable to pick up a money transfer?

What do I do if my receiver is unable to get my money transfer?

How does Ria's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work?

How do I contact Ria?

Ria Money Transfer at 709 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd

With more than 507,000 locations around the world, Ria is available where you are. When you visit a Ria location, friendly Ria associates will guide you through the money transfer process from start to finish. It’s easy! So, for fast, safe, and guaranteed money transfers, send money through Ria today!

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